Hurrah! Our first post!

Welcome to FHG, the new game review, blog, video and tech site that aims to entertain and educate gamers over a variety of genres. We will be setting up a YouTube channel shortly and will be producing video content starting in June along with frequent reviews.

We plan on putting out, once we launch our video side, two videos a week at least, along with as many reviews as we can type/get games for.

Our team so far: Steve – Senior editor, video producer, content will include FPS, action, sci fi, simulations and strategy.

Karen (known as BasiltheDragon on IGN, GameFAQs and YouTube) – Former contributor on IGN; RPG, SRPG and JRPG extraordinaire. Editor, grammar corrector, content producer. Content includes RPGs, handheld games, simulation games and some strategy games.

Any comments, suggestions or contributions submit them to

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