Plague Inc. Evolved (PC)

Plague Inc. is a highly realistic simulation game from Ndemic Creations, where the goal is to infect, and then kill the world with a plague from a variety of types. However, there is a lot more depth to this game than simply trying to infect the world, as you have to delve into manipulation of the plague and evolve it in order to overcome research and changing environmental conditions.

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Early Access Review: Samphi (PC)

I would like to point out that I did receive a Steam Key for the press version from the developer for the purposes of reviewing this game. The game is still in development, so things may change from this review.

Many thanks to Dale of Greeny Games Studio for providing me with the key.

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Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning (3DS)

A New Beginning was the first Harvest Moon release which was exclusively for the 3DS. In a slight change to the standard formula used for Harvest Moon games, your goal in this game was not only to work to restore your derelict farm, but also to restore the local town, which had seen a mass exodus of residents in recent times.

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FireHawk Gaming at the London Gaming Market, 15th November 2015

Today, myself and Steve went to the London Gaming Market’s first opening day. The London Gaming Market was held in the Royal National Hotel in Russell Square. We found it easy to get to from London Bridge, with there being both the Russell Square Underground station and several bus routes which stop nearby in Tavistock Square. We both think the location was fairly easy to find walking from Tavistock Square.

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I’m A Star Citizen – An opinion piece on the biggest game so far

Star Citizen. Over a hundred massive star systems, hundreds of planets and space stations, and many species including hostile aliens and a massive human empire on the verge of collapse…

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Democracy 3 (PC)


Democracy 3 is the follow-up to the acclaimed Democracy 2, a political simulator. However, unlike Democracy 2, this Democracy involves real-world countries with their own different needs to be balanced through manipulating different policies and law. There are also a few add-ons for this game, which really do enhance the experience of being a country’s leader.

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