UEENR and Star Citizen

Star Citizen is an in development MMO by space sim designer Chris Roberts, who helmed the Wing Commander series, Privateer, Starlancer (and Freelancer for a while) along with several films. There is also a single player game in development in parallel, Squadron 42.

“Orgs”, or, organisations, are groups of players who unite under a single banner, similar to a clan or guild. One such org is the UEENR, or to give it the full name, the United Empire of Earth Naval Reserves. The UEENR is based on the in game military organisation the UEEN which is home to the Squadron 42 the namesake and setting for Star Citizens immersive all-star single player campaign. They take the rules and procedure of the UEEN as their basis and follow it as closely as possible, with the aim of providing as authentic as possible in game military experience for its members once they have finished the single player campaign. To this end it is a requirement for all members to play and complete (once it comes out) the Squadron 42 campaign.

For members less keen on following a disciplined military structure or don’t have the available time for the level of commitment required there is the position of Auxiliary, Auxiliaries fall outside of the traditional chain of command and do not have access to the full resources of the UEENR, however they are welcome to train with normal members and call for reinforcements and/or rescue from fellow Reservists should the need arise.


The org is organised into 3 “wings” each covering different roles. The Tactical Wing focuses on Space Supremacy (Space Combat), Ground Supremacy (Boarding & Planetary Combat), Counter Piracy Operations (Bounty Hunting & Patrol) and Strategic Strike Forces (Bombing).
The Reconnaissance Wing focuses on Military Intelligence (Data Analysis & Planning), Spec Ops (Surgical Strike Team), Covert Ops (stealth assault), Basic Recon (Scouting and forward observation), Advanced Recon (Covert Recon and infiltration) and Exploration (Jump Point Discovery & Stellar Cartography)
The Support Wing focuses on Logistics (Shipping, Escorting & Maintenance), Search & Rescue (Personnel Recovery & Medical Services), Refuelling (Acquisition, Processing & Delivery), Strategic Resource Acquisition (Salvage & Mining).

Something which is unusual for an org of this size is the commitment that all members are listened to no matter their rank, and their opinions and suggestions will be taken into account by High Command although the final say is always theirs alone and during operations there is no room for questioning the orders of commanders as indecision is dangerous in such situations.

The community within the org is one of comradeship; with members of all ranks routinely playing and socialising together even without a larger mission being planned. There are members from all over the world, mostly from Europe and the USA, and many are former or current military in real life. There are no minimum time commitments; however, officers are expected to put in a greater time commitment than the enlisted personnel they command.

There are many things to do within the UEENR, which stretches from routine paperwork, to training recruits, to flying in a convoy, all through to dogfighting with Vanduul in Arena Commander. Eventually, there will be capital ships to crew although such ships are not currently in game (although there are some large multi crew ships already in game and we hope to see the first fully fledged capital ship enter the game later this year)


Overall, the UEENR is a great place for those looking to play Star Citizen as a member of the UEE Navy, with military structures but not as rigid as a full mil-sim outfit. If you dislike pirates, don’t feel at home in a corporation and enjoy flying or fighting for or simply helping something greater than yourself or personal profit, then come join us and we can stand together and make the UEE a safer place.


United We Stand

RTC Steve ‘King’ McFarlane (Steve Cope/FHG Steve)

Tactical wing

Ship CO

Polaris patch v2


Additional edits made by Admiral Hawk of the UEENR.

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