Mafia 3 first impressions (PC)


Developed by a new Czech based studio (Hangar 13) and published by 2K Games, Mafia 3 is an open world action game set in a fictional version of New Orleans (New Bordeux) and revolves around the protagonist Lincoln Clay and his quest for vengence.

To start of there has been some valid criticisms of the game and its seeming downgrade of graphics and it being locked into 30fps. Whilst both seem to be true, the 30fps limitation will be patched out within a few days, and the graphics still look good. Not great, but good. However, the gameplay is solid. Not too difficult but brutally punishing if you make a mistake. You gain some very usefull perks early on in the game, and the selection of weapons is decent (although this is why mods are always a thing) and effective.

The voice acting is top notch, and you play a great deal of the “prologue” before getting into the main game, which gives you time to build a bit of a bond with the characters who you will be avenging. Theres one or two familiar faces from previous Mafia games that make an appearence (with one of them being a major part of the story) and the late 60’s atmosphere makes this title stand out from those that came before it. One of the best (and most contreversial) parts of the game is the racism present amongst the NPC’s, as this adds to the authentic feel of the in game environment. Whilst racism is abhorent, it was a large part of the culture in the deep south of the United States and it cannot be whitewashed out.

The soundtrack in the game is varied, with multiple genres filled with period music, my favourite being the rock station. Many songs that I recognise as I love classic rock music. The cars handle very well in the game, quick and nimble feeling but not boat like as in GTAIV. Shooting mechanics are improved over previous titles too, a cover system has been implemented, however it is a bit finicky and needs improvement. Sometimes you can go for cover and end up on the wrong side of it exposed to enemy fire. Ammo depletes a bit too quickly for my liking also, making a “guns blazing” approach difficult to impossible.

Overall it is a good game, worth the purchase if you like proper music, the era, New Orleans or the Mafia theme. However, if you are just a fan of sandbox games, open world maps and shooting games, I would recommend waiting for a few patches perhaps even a slight reduction in price and for several mods to come out. It has quite a few rough edges, and they need time to be smoothed out. However for the first game from a brand new studio it is good, and is still a better game than the previous 2 entries into the series. Hopefully the problems will be patched or modded out and the game will shine. DLC is already planned, and hopefully this will help the game last.

I give this game 7/10 until a full review is done.

P.S. Give me a multiplayer mod ;)

Review/First impressions by Steve

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