FireHawk Gaming… the relaunch

Hello readers and viewers of our reviews, news and video content, please excuse our lack of stuff over the last few months, both of us have been extremely busy with real life stuff, and will remain so for another month or so…


When we relaunch, we will do it with style. New style of editing, content recorded in full HD from a native 1920x1080P resolution, with content on a pretty much daily basis. But we need your help, we need PC parts, games, gaming equipment and even monetary donations, the more we get, the more we can grow. We have an ambitious plan. We want to eventually move into an office, with a few more contributors, and make more gameplay footage, pump out news and reviews of tech and brand new games, bring live streaming of LAN events, and even start making machinima of our own.

We are big fans of Roosterteeth, and whilst we do not want to steal what they do, we aspire to be just as good, if not better, albeit different and interesting, as to where both can exist, perhaps even game together/ against each other.

Spread the word, share the posts, read and watch our back catalogue of reviews and videos, get involved.

Follow us on twitter and facebook (look at panels on the right) and our YouTube channel can be found at

Look out for more info soon,

Steve, senior editor, FireHawk Gaming

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