Silver Creek Falls: Chapter 1 (PC)

Silver Creek Falls originally caught my eye when I was looking around for newer RPG Maker titles, and I found this one… which promised to be an RPG Maker game, without the fighting. Instead, it offered a game more driven by story, focussing on a town with a series of grisly murders being committed. As the game was free, I decided, why not, and went for something slightly different to what I usually play. So far, this is Chapter 1, with two more chapters to follow – Chapter 2 has been released, and Chapter 3 is on its way.

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Early Access Review: Three Days (PC)

I would like to point out that I did receive a Steam Key for the press version from the developer for the purposes of reviewing this game. The game is still in development, so things may change from this review.

Many thanks to Lewis of Gore Pixel Games for providing me with the key.

I first found this game when I was having a dig around looking for games in the survival genre, and saw it involved a time limit in the main gameplay mode – this is something I haven’t often seen in a survival game – so my interest was immediately piqued.

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