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Karen’s Top Ten Games of 2016

I have to say, I actually found coming up with this list a little bit tricky – mainly on account of me feeling that 2016 was a bit of a lacklustre year as far as videogame releases went. However, after a lot of soul-searching (and playing the games which did come out in 2016), I have managed to nail down a top ten games, released in this last year.

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FireHawk Gaming is proud to announce that the Senior Editor and Editor (Steve and Karen) are now engaged (as of 25th of June) and that our lack of content over the last week and a bit is due to our holiday in Edinburgh. Expect much more content soon, and for more posts and news stay tuned to our twitter or facebook or subscribe using the buttons below.

From the team at FireHawk Gaming

Hurrah! Our first post!

Welcome to FHG, the new game review, blog, video and tech site that aims to entertain and educate gamers over a variety of genres. We will be setting up a YouTube channel shortly and will be producing video content starting in June along with frequent reviews.

We plan on putting out, once we launch our video side, two videos a week at least, along with as many reviews as we can type/get games for.

Our team so far: Steve – Senior editor, video producer, content will include FPS, action, sci fi, simulations and strategy.

Karen (known as BasiltheDragon on IGN, GameFAQs and YouTube) – Former contributor on IGN; RPG, SRPG and JRPG extraordinaire. Editor, grammar corrector, content producer. Content includes RPGs, handheld games, simulation games and some strategy games.

Any comments, suggestions or contributions submit them to