Adventures in Wonder Trading, Part One

So, after many years, I finally managed to get my 3DS to connect to the WiFi. Being a major fan of the Pokémon series, I sought to take advatange of finally getting online to take part in game on stuff like trading and battling Pokémon online. As it turned out, I was very quickly distracted by the Wonder Trade facility, where you can stick up a Pokémon for trade, and the game matches you up with another player online completely at random, with no idea of what you’re going to get.

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Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (3DS)

After the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon in 2016, they were followed up by, somewhat controversially, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon in November 2017. Although these games are standalone games in the 7th Generation, they have faced claims that they are the ‘finished’ versions of the original Sun and Moon, and were released as enhanced version as a quick cash cow. However, were there enough deviations in the newer game’s plot and Pokémon distribution to justify a second release of the 7th Gen?

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UEENR and Star Citizen

Star Citizen is an in development MMO by space sim designer Chris Roberts, who helmed the Wing Commander series, Privateer, Starlancer (and Freelancer for a while) along with several films. There is also a single player game in development in parallel, Squadron 42.

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Top Ten Tracks from the Pokémon Sun/Moon OST

With the UK release of Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon last week, I thought I’d take a quick look back over the OST of Pokémon Sun/Moon and see if I could nail down a favourite ten. Which I admit now, I found somewhat difficult to do, as I didn’t think much of the Sun/Moon OST was that standout, compared to earlier games.

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FireHawk Gaming at EGX Rezzed, March 30th, 2017, London


Well, this year, myself and Steve decided not to go the Shadwell DLR route in order to get to the event (probably because we missed… our Lewisham train), and so ended up having to go into Central London and back out from there – however, despite it requiring two changes and getting off at Wapping rather than Shadwell DLR, the journey was comparable to what we’ve done before. Slightly quicker, possibly, this time we were there before 10am. However, we (once again) had the same problem with regards to signage – once out at Wapping station, there was nothing to direct you to the event. However, as it was literally a straight path down Wapping Lane, almost, it was fairly easy.

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